June 22, 2024

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The Uncontested Divorce in Tampa – What You Should Know

The Uncontested Divorce in Tampa – What You Should Know

The Uncontested Divorce in Tampa – What You Should Know

The uncontested divorce in Tampa is a quicker, simpler, and less expensive alternative to traditional divorce. A Hillsborough County family lawyer can help you understand your options and prepare for the process.

Whether or not an uncontested divorce case is proper for you will depend on how well-matched you and your spouse are. An experienced Tampa uncontested divorce attorney can help you reach your goals.

It’s Faster

Many couples enter the divorce process believing their case will be long and contentious. It is a common misconception, but not all divorce cases are like this. An uncontested divorce Tampa can be much faster than a contested divorce.

It all depends on how well both parties work together and create solutions. If spouses are brutal and vindictive, even relatively straightforward divorces can take far longer than needed. It also depends on how backed-up Family Courts in the area are and how quickly they can schedule hearings.

An uncontested divorce is one in which both parties are on the same page regarding all issues in their divorce, including property distribution, child custody, and support. Once the couple agrees, an attorney can draft a Marital Settlement Agreement to be filed with the Court. The divorce terms will be finalized in a final hearing that will be scheduled. The divorce terms will be finalized in a final hearing that will be scheduled. 

It’s Easier

Many couples considering divorce dread the idea of a lengthy and contentious battle. Those fears are often validated when they discover how much-contested divorces can cost.

However, avoiding these high costs and reducing your overall divorce expenses is possible by filing an uncontested case in Tampa. The key is to work with an experienced Tampa uncontested divorce attorney.

A divorce lawyer can assist with correctly filling out necessary forms and building a solid case for equitable distribution of assets in uncontested divorces. In addition, these professionals can help you create a parenting plan and provide guidance throughout the process.

If you and your spouse agree on all issues in the case, then an uncontested divorce may be possible. A divorce of this nature is usually finalized within two weeks. It is a significantly shorter timeline than many contested divorce cases, which can extend into years due to court delays and scheduling conflicts.

It’s More Affordable

If both parties agree to the terms of their divorce, it can be much more affordable than a traditional contested divorce. That is because there are fewer filings, hearings, and steps in an uncontested divorce. It typically results in lower attorney’s fees for both spouses.

However, an uncontested divorce has its challenges. Both parties must provide complete financial information during the divorce process and create a settlement agreement and parenting plan. A lawyer specializing in uncontested divorces will ensure a fair agreement.

Many people begin a divorce with the assumption that it will be a long, contentious, and expensive battle. But, with the proper guidance from an experienced, uncontested divorce attorney, you can resolve all your differences and gain peace of mind with a divorced life. 

It’s Better for Children

Going through a divorce can cause a great deal of stress for everyone involved. However, the process can be much less painful for everyone involved if the spouses are on the same page concerning their divorce settlement. It is also better for the children since the process is not dragged out through costly litigation and contentious hearings.

When the couple is on the same page, they can negotiate a parenting plan that addresses how the children will be cared for after the marriage dissolves. It may include custody, visitation, and child support arrangements. The Court will still need to review the parental plan. Still, it is often more accessible for the judge to approve the parenting plan when the parties have already worked together to create a document that is in their children’s best interests.

When the spouses are on the same page, they can work through other complex issues such as alimony and property division. An uncontested divorce is often the quickest and fairest way to resolve marital issues, whether simple or complicated.