May 12, 2024

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Reasons to Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney

Reasons to Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney

Reasons to Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney

A workers’ compensation attorney can help you win your case. But hiring one requires a certain level of commitment.

A lawyer has the insight and specialized experience to navigate trials, present your case at state board meetings, and work with your medical records to build a substantial settlement. Here are 11 reasons to hire a workers’ compensation attorney:

You Have a Serious or Permanent Injury

workers compensation attorney Jacksonville FL, can help you if your injury or illness is severe and permanent. A lawyer can help you file a claim with your employer, insurance company, and state organization. They can also act as your translator and work to speed up the process.

The system can be challenging to navigate on your own, and insurers have teams of lawyers. Hiring a seasoned workers’ compensation attorney will go a long way to tilt the scales in your favor.

Some workers’ compensation cases can get tricky, especially when there is a dispute over the extent of your injury or illness. An experienced worker’s comp lawyer can review your medical records and present evidence to prove the severity of your condition.

Your Employer Denies an Injury Occurred in the Workplace

Many injured workers find it challenging to get their employers and medical insurance companies on their side. While most workers’ compensation cases do not require a lawyer, it is always advisable to hire one.

Injured workers often find their employers and insurance companies questioning whether a workplace accident happened or a particular injury was related to a pre-existing condition. They also fight to get the long-term benefits they need for a full recovery.

Even small things, such as pictures posted on social media, can hurt a claim. An experienced attorney can help you avoid these pitfalls. They can also ensure that your employer does not deny a valid claim based on a statutory exclusion. This can include horseplay resulting in injury, drug testing after an incident, personal animosity between two employees, or harming another employee.

You Have a Pre-Existing Condition

Pre-existing conditions are medical illnesses or injuries before a person starts new health insurance coverage. They are typically chronic or long-term. Insurance companies used to be able to reject individuals or offer them a range of inflated rates for pre-existing conditions. Still, this practice was prohibited under the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010.

Workers’ comp attorneys understand how a pre-existing condition could affect a claim and can help clients establish a link between their illness or injury and a workplace event. They also know how to negotiate with employers and their insurance companies so that they receive a fair settlement.

An attorney could also make the difference when your boss retaliates against you after filing a workers’ comp claim. They will protect you from unfair treatment and can take your case to court if necessary.

You Have a Claim Against a Third Party

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney ensures all necessary paperwork is filed correctly and on time. Clerical errors and missed deadlines are common reasons for claims to be denied.

A lawyer can help build a solid case to appeal a denial from an insurance company. They can also enable you to collect evidence, talk to witnesses, and represent you in a hearing.

In addition, employers must pay their employees for medical treatment resulting from work-related injuries. However, some employers retaliate against injured workers by reducing hours, demoting them, harassing them, or terminating them. A worker’s compensation attorney can help right the wrongs of employer retaliation and get you the benefits you deserve. They will fight on your behalf until you receive the maximum compensation under the law.

You Have a Claim Against Your Employer

When you file a workers’ compensation claim, it can be a complicated process. A lawyer can help ensure your employer follows all the rules and regulations for your specific state and industry.

Even seemingly minor incidents can damage your case. For example, if your employer posts innocuous pictures of you on social media unrelated to your work injury, the insurance company could use them to argue that you are not as injured as you reported.

Other common issues include incorrect calculations for wage loss benefits, rushing back to work before your medical treatment is complete, discrimination, and lowball settlement offers. An experienced attorney can guide you through these problems and fight for the maximum compensation.